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Is this you?

Are you constantly entering trades without having any idea what you are doing?
Do you find yourself losing more trades than you win?
Are you constantly changing your strategy or searching for new strategies whenever you encounter a losing streak?
Do you have problems with managing your emotions when you trade?
Are you losing more money than you win per trade?

It gets worse!

If you have the problems above, it gets worse from here. You will end up over-trading, revenge trading, over-analyzing, missing out on good trades and even blowing out your account and your hard-earned money.


You need a proper system, a proper checklist that can guide you on your trading journey. You also need to get supported and be guided by experienced traders so that you can navigate your way during difficult times.

Imagine having a team of coaches:

  • Signal to you exactly when / where to enter AND exit a trade.

  • Tell you EXACTLY where to put your STOP-LOSS and TARGET-PROFIT.

  • Explain to you why they enter the trade so that you can learn.

  • Help you, on a daily basis, breakdown the market with their analysis.

  • Answer questions regarding signals, charts, and anything about FX.

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What do you get in LCMS Trader Club?

1. You will get access to our "Getting Started Tutorials" where you will learn a simple and profitable 5-Steps checklist to identify multiple trades a day.

2. You will be able to join our daily and weekly webinar sessions so that you can see how we use the methodology in real time.

3. You will get our signals and also the post-signal analysis so that you can see how the trades are executed on a live market situation. With the post-signal analysis, you can learn the thought process of applying the methodology.

4. Get access to coaches who will answer any questions you ask immediately!

Who is guiding you?

Jin Dao Tai, an Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Forex Coach & Trainer, International Speaker and Multi-Million Dollar Trader. He is the CEO and Founder of ForexBriefcase and LCMS Traders. Jin Dao manages a team of traders and coaches that trades more than US$10m account on a daily basis.

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